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A nashville couple celebrating their love on their wedding day!
Weddings are such a special moment...


Your special day, your wedding, is a moment to treasure forever. I believe your memories of this precious day should be captured in the most authentic way possible. I don’t want to make up a bunch of things just to capture a photo. I want to capture the candid moments that truly happen with your closest family and friends!

Someone who understands the significance of each moment and effortlessly captures them for you. While based in Nashville and Charleston we will travel anywhere to capture your non-traditional love story! 

What do you picture about your wedding day?

Ten years down the line when you are looking back at your wedding photos or video, what do you want to be looking at? I guarantee you that you want to be looking at something that brings back all the emotions of that day and the quality is top-notch.

I promise to do my best to exceed your expectations of your wedding day, capturing the uniqueness of your love! Learning about what you and your partner value is exactly why I can capture the uniqueness of your big day!

My process is unique to you and your partner! It’s never going to be the same because your wedding is never the same as someone else’s! Through my process, I can determine the things you value and focus on showcasing those during your special day! 

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