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Premier Charleston Wedding Photographers: Where Every Frame Tells a Beautiful Story

What’s that one thing you can’t compromise on your wedding day? Photographs, beautiful pictures that speak your story.

We at Brandon Allan Photography know the importance of your wedding day. Our team of skilled and enthusiastic wedding photographers in Charleston is committed to providing outstanding service to deliver images that last forever. Trust us for your big day!

Charleston Wedding Photographers – Services

  • Wedding Photography: Our main goal is to capture your feelings for the big day. Get ready to be in the spotlight with us!
  • Bride Portraits: We are experts at capturing each bride’s unique features, ensuring that your personality comes through in every picture.
  • Pre-Wedding Photography: We provide engagement sessions to celebrate and publicize your impending union before the big day. In close collaboration with you, our wedding photographers in Charleston will create a unique and beautiful atmosphere to document your love journey.

Why Choose Us? Trusted Wedding Photographers in Charleston

  • Creative Composition: Our photographers have a great sense of composition and detail.
  • Candid Moments: Our photographers have a talent for blending into the background and catching those spontaneous, candid images that represent the true feelings of your big day.
  • Flexibility and Professionalism: Our team is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of conduct, on-time arrival, and honest dialogue. To guarantee that your experience with wedding day photography is easy and stress-free, we will work directly with you to comprehend your vision and address any issues you may have.
  • Lighting Mastery: We’ll make sure your pictures are wonderfully lit, whether we’re catching the warm glow of a sunset or taking breathtaking nighttime pictures.

Pricing and Packages - Charleston Wedding Photographers

We believe in transparency and delivering clear, flexible pricing alternatives to our clients. Because every wedding is different, we provide packages that can be tailored to your particular requirements and spending limit. Our pricing is set up to give you amazing value for the superb service and priceless pictures we provide.

Our Standard package includes a 6-hour wedding day shoot with our head photographer. A Reveal Celebration lets clients cherish and share their memorable experiences. The plan includes a one-month online gallery for viewing and sharing professionally edited images.

Brandon Allan Photography's Deluxe package includes 8 hours of wedding day coverage to capture all the important moments. A Reveal Celebration lets the couple relive their momentous day. Clients receive a 6-month online gallery with individually retouched photographs.

Our Charleston wedding package covers everything. Brandon Allan Photography Head Photographer and a 2nd photographer record every moment. This package includes a free Engagement Session, 8 hours of coverage, a Reveal Celebration, a 6-month online gallery, and individually retouched photographs. The POV app lets guests effortlessly upload their own images, providing a unique perspective to your collection.

Our Storyteller wedding package is comprehensive and immersive. Our Head Photographer and a 2nd photographer will provide 10 hours of comprehensive coverage to capture every moment. The package includes a Reveal Celebration, a 1-year online gallery, individually retouched photos, a FREE Engagement Session, a FREE 20-page wedding album, and the POV app for guests to easily upload their own photos, creating a captivating visual narrative of your special day.

Invest in Memories – Best Charleston Wedding Photographers

Contact us to discuss your wedding photography needs and receive a detailed pricing quote tailored to your requirement. We look forward to working with you to create extraordinary memories that will be cherished forever.