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Tips from a Nashville Wedding Photographer

A nashville couple celebrating their love on their wedding day!

Welcome to the world of wedding photography in Nashville, Tennessee! As you plan your big day, you’ll definitely want to capture each special moment through the lens of a professional. As a nashville wedding photographer, I have come up with some tips for you! 

To ensure you get the best shots, we reached out to a seasoned Nashville wedding photographer for some expert advice. From choosing the right photo locations to working with natural light, our pro has plenty of tips and tricks to help make your wedding day photos truly memorable.

Prepare the Perfect Room for Getting Ready

Picking a Room with Great Light

Nashville wedding photographers look for a room with great natural light for wedding preparation photos. They consider factors like large windows, neutral wall colors, and unobstructed light sources.

Natural light can enhance the quality of wedding preparation photos by providing soft, flattering light that brings out the natural colors and tones of the scene.

For optimal lighting, photographers look for spaces with big, north-facing windows that provide steady, even light throughout the day. Rooms with light-colored walls and minimal clutter can help bounce and reflect light, further enhancing the overall lighting conditions.

By choosing the right room, photographers can ensure that their wedding preparation photos are beautifully lit and showcase candid moments of joy, anticipation, and love in a natural and authentic way.

Organizing the Space for the Best Shots

A Nashville wedding photographer can ensure the best lighting for shots by organizing the space strategically. They can make use of natural light whenever possible and position the subjects near windows or doorways for soft, diffused light.

To capture important details and moments, the photographer can clear clutter and select a clean backdrop. They should also consider the overall composition of the scene, adjusting the position of furniture or decor elements as needed.

When choosing the location for getting ready photos, they should consider factors such as available light, the space’s aesthetic, and how it complements the wedding theme. Proximity to the ceremony or reception locations can also be a consideration.


Capture Your Special Ceremony

How to Get the Best Ceremony Shots

When a Nashville wedding photographer captures ceremony shots, they can follow a few tips to ensure they get the best shots. Choosing the right angle is important to capture the essence of the moment. Being mindful of the direction and quality of the light can make a significant difference in the final product. Understanding how light affects pictures will help the photographer find good light and maximize its effects on the photos.

Showcasing the little details of the day, such as the wedding shoes, can add a personal touch to the overall photo collection. Paying attention to these details can elevate the quality of the ceremony shots and help to create a beautiful and memorable wedding album.

Choosing the Right Angle

When photographing a wedding, choosing the right angle is important for capturing the best ceremony shots. A skilled Nashville wedding photographer knows that being intentional about their angle helps to highlight the most important moments of the day.

For example:

  • Shooting from a low angle can make the couple look more imposing and powerful.
  • Finding a high vantage point can showcase the entire scene.

In addition to capturing the couple, showcasing the wedding shoes in photos can be a unique way to add a personal touch to the album. A photographer can highlight the shoes by capturing them in creative ways, such as using a reflective surface or capturing a candid moment while the bride is adjusting her shoe.

It’s the little details that make wedding photos special, and when captured effectively, they can tell the story of the day. For instance, emphasizing the small details like the flower arrangements, place settings, or personalized decorations can add depth to the entire collection of wedding photos.


Focus on the Wedding Shoes

Tips for Showcasing Your Shoes in Photos

Wedding photographers in Nashville know that the right lighting is crucial for showcasing wedding shoes. It can make the shoes stand out, enhancing their details and textures in photos. Organizing the space is also important. Decluttering the area, choosing a suitable backdrop, and positioning the shoes in a visually appealing way can capture the best shots. Little details, like lace patterns and embellishments, add elegance and charm to the photos.

Paying attention to these aspects helps photographers showcase the beauty and uniqueness of the wedding shoes effectively.


Find Good Light for Perfect Photos

Understanding How Light Affects Your Pictures

Different types of light can affect the quality of pictures. Natural light creates a warm and soft ambiance, ideal for intimate moments at a wedding. Artificial light provides a more dramatic and stylized look. Nashville wedding photographers can use different lighting to enhance a photo’s composition. Techniques like backlighting, side lighting, and diffused light add depth, texture, and dimension to images, making them visually appealing.

Considering light’s impact is important for capturing special moments, evoking emotions, and setting the mood. Understanding how light affects pictures is crucial for telling a beautiful and meaningful visual story that reflects the joyful, intentional, and real moments of a wedding day.

Using Light to Enhance Your Photos

Understanding how light affects your pictures is important for improving photo quality. For instance, natural light can capture the warmth and emotion of a couple’s special day. It’s also crucial to consider the direction and intensity of the light source for creating flattering and romantic portraits. When enhancing photos, paying attention to details is key. The way light reflects off the bride’s dress or how shadows fall on the groom’s face can make a big difference in wedding photos.

By paying attention to these details and using light to their advantage, photographers can create beautiful, authentic, and meaningful images.


Remember the Little Details

How Details Make Your Wedding Photos Special

Creating the perfect space for getting ready can greatly enhance the quality of wedding photos. Nashville wedding photographers often advise brides and grooms to choose a well-lit and uncluttered room to ensure stunning getting ready photos.

Keeping the space tidy and adding personal touches, such as meaningful decor or sentimental items, can add a special touch to the photos.

During the ceremony, capturing the best shots involves choosing the right angles and being mindful of the lighting. Photographers recommend scouting the venue beforehand to identify the best vantage points. By doing so, they can capture unique and special angles that highlight the significance of the moment.

When it comes to details, such as wedding shoes, they can truly enhance the overall aesthetics of wedding photos. Capturing these little details, whether they are personalized or hold sentimental value, can add depth and meaning to the photos.

Tips for showcasing these details include using creative framing and playing with depth of field to draw attention to the specific elements that make the wedding unique.



What are some important factors to consider when choosing a wedding photographer in Nashville?

Some important factors to consider when choosing a wedding photographer in Nashville include their experience shooting weddings, style of photography, pricing and packages, reviews and recommendations, and whether they offer engagement sessions and albums.

What are some popular and picturesque locations in Nashville for wedding photography?

Some popular and picturesque locations in Nashville for wedding photography include the Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art, Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge, and the Capitol Building.

How can I ensure that my wedding photos capture the unique personality and style of my relationship?

To ensure that your wedding photos capture your unique relationship, communicate your personality and style to your photographer, provide examples of poses or locations that hold significance, and actively participate in candid moments that showcase your dynamic as a couple.

What are some tips for getting the best possible wedding photos in Nashville’s unpredictable weather?

Have a backup plan for indoor photos, scout indoor locations with good natural light, and consider investing in clear umbrellas for beautiful rainy day shots. Work with a photographer experienced in shooting in various weather conditions.

What are some key questions to ask a potential wedding photographer in Nashville during the hiring process?

Some key questions to ask a potential wedding photographer in Nashville include:

  1. What is your style of photography?.
  2. Can I see a full wedding album of your work?.
  3. What is included in your packages and what are the costs?