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I do… love the beach

Embark on the magical journey of a beach wedding beautifully captured by your friendly Charleston wedding photographer. Now, let’s chat about the beach – a place that’s both a love and a bit of a puzzle, not because of its beauty but thanks to some quirks, like the infamous traffic. Living just two miles from Folly Beach, I’ve had my fair share of navigating the charm and occasional challenges, especially after 9 am in the summer. But fear not, as my dedication to capturing the joy of your beach wedding is unwavering.


Jen and Austin chose Pelican Watch Pavilion on Folly Beach, Charleston, SC, as the canvas for their vows. Jen, a friend of a friend and neighbor, trusted me to document their special day, and I was over the moon to be part of it. Setting aside any traffic tales, being on time is a golden rule for me, and this day highlighted the importance of timely arrivals. Despite the short distance to the beach, it took an unexpected hour and fifteen minutes to reach the Airbnb where Jen was getting ready. Yes, you read that correctly; at one point, I even considered strolling there.


But, we made it! The Airbnb radiated a charming beachy vibe, creating the perfect atmosphere for the pre-wedding preparations. Nerves were buzzing, but it was that excited kind of jitteriness that comes with the anticipation of marrying your best friend.


As we made our way to the venue, the air was filled with excitement as guests gathered for the special moment on Folly Beach. As your seasoned wedding photographer and friend, witnessing this anticipation is an absolute joy. Before parting ways with the bride, I always share a lighthearted quip, “The next time we talk, you’ll be married,” adding a little laughter to ease any lingering nerves.


The ceremony unfolded against the backdrop of the ocean’s gentle waves, defying a day that was initially predicted to be a washout. The weather turned in our favor, blessing Jen and Austin with a perfect day for their nuptials.


Post-ceremony, Jen and Austin took a serene moment to soak in the joy of their union. This, to me, is one of the most cherished parts of a wedding day – a chance to reset and fully embrace the beauty of the occasion. Your wedding day may whirl by, but with your devoted destination wedding photographer and newfound friend, each precious moment is artfully preserved for you to revisit and relish, whether it’s on the sandy shores of Folly Beach, amid the enchantment of Nashville, or at your dream destination. Here’s to love, laughter, and a lifetime of wonderful memories! 🌟💖



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