Choosing Your Nashville Wedding Photographer

Nashville Wedding Bride and groom
Nashville Tn Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is more than a moment in time; it’s the start of a beautiful chapter in your life’s story, marked by the enchantment of Nashville’s charm. As you plan your special day in this vibrant city, choosing the perfect photographer to capture every heartfelt moment becomes an intimate part of your journey. Finding the right Nashville wedding photographer is about entrusting someone to encapsulate the magic of your love story against the backdrop of this captivating Tennessee city.

Here are a few heartfelt tips for discovering the perfect Nashville wedding photographer to preserve your treasured moments:

1. Define Your Style: What resonates with you? Whether you dream of timeless elegance in your Nashville wedding photography or prefer the candid, vibrant spirit of this city, understanding your style will help you in your quest for the perfect match.

2. Research and Shortlist: Start your search by exploring the works of photographers who’ve woven their artistry into Nashville’s romantic narratives. Seek recommendations from locals, delve into online portfolios, and resonate with those who truly capture the essence of Nashville’s charm.

3. Review Portfolios: Embracing the stories they’ve previously told through their lenses will guide you in understanding their ability to beautifully document your Nashville celebration.

4. Meet in Person or Virtually: Create a connection beyond the lens. Whether you meet in the serene parks, bustling streets, or virtually, ensuring a bond of comfort and understanding with your Nashville wedding photographer is key to capturing the most intimate and genuine moments.

5. Discuss Packages and Details:

By weaving these tips into your search for the perfect Nashville wedding photographer, you’re inviting someone to become a part of your love story in this vibrant city.

More About Brandon Allan Photography

We are different than most and that’s okay. A wedding professional for the non-traditional couple is the perfect way to describe us! Are you doing something a little bit different than the tired and true wedding day? Well, you have found the right person to tell your story! 

To start off, I got rid of wedding packages. I know it sounds crazy because everyone has them and why would you do that. Heres why, I got rid of them because your wedding isn’t the same as the next couple I talk to or the previous couple whose wedding I just shot. You aren’t the same and I am not going to tell your story the same way. 

Instead I really get to know each couple in our first meeting and leading up to the wedding. I create a custom wedding experience that could be a whole weekend of coverage or it could be six hours. It truly depends on what you value! Maybe you want some stunning photos of every person in your bridal party as well. It truly is what you value and we create that experience that you will remember for the rest of your life! 

Charleston Wedding photography by Brandon Allan Photography
Nashville Tn Wedding Photographer- Brandon Allan Photography
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