A Night Under the Trees : Charleston Wedding Photography

A night under the live oak tree

If you have been to Charleston before you know the beauty that these trees have. Shayne and Fabian had an amazing ceremony and dinner under the tree with their closest family and friends! There is something really special about an intimate wedding that I truly love capturing! Everyone has so much love for the couple and it just radiates throughout everyone there! But let us get into the story of the day… 

Part of my custom Charleston wedding experience usually starts with an engagement session which is a great chance to get comfortable in front of the camera and just get to know each other a little bit better. As a wedding photographer no matter your location, I recommend using the same photographer for both your engagement and wedding photography! I will build that price right into your custom charleston wedding experience if it is something that you truly value! 

For Shayne and Fabian, we were able to do two different locations for their engagement photography session at Folly Beach as well as their wedding venue, Magnolia Plantation. The sunset at Folly Beach was perfect and was such a great chance to get to know this amazing couple! The backdrop behind the lighthouse turned purple and turning around that true golden hour glow was showing off! 


A few weeks later we got the chance to go to Magnolia Plantation! It was supposed to rain the entire time but for the hour we were there it cleared up and we were good to go! We got some stunning shots that we were able to recreate on the wedding day as well! You could see how much more comfortable they were in front of the camera the second time! This is why I always recommend booking the same photographer for your big day as your engagement photography session. 

Now comes the wedding day! The day was gorgeous and Shayne looked amazing! I arrived for some detail shots and checked out the setup for the day! The ceremony was set to be under the tree and looked amazing! Spending time with Shayne and her mom and sister before the ceremony you could see how excited she was to finally be able to marry Fabian! 

Now nothing goes 100% right on the wedding day and I always expect that so there’s no need to worry! Our golf cart driver disappeared on us and they were supposed to bring us to the ceremony. We were finally able to track one down and get to the wedding! I mean you can’t start a wedding without the Bride so whenever she gets there is the true start time of the wedding! 

The rest of the night was amazing! The speeches from the family about the love shared by Shayne and Fabian showed just how perfect they are for each other! Hearing stories like this of all my couples during speeches is truly so special and helps me capture the rest of the night even better. 

I use what I here in these speeches to tell a story during the reception! Maybe it’s a grandparent who I didn’t hear a certain story about and I can capture them in a different way now knowing that information! Whatever it is it helps me learn even more about you and the relationships you have with those people! 

Magnolia Plantation wedding photography Charleston SC

Brandon Allan Photography

Magnolia Plantation wedding photography Charleston SCMagnolia Plantation wedding photography Charleston SC

Brandon Allan PhotographyMagnolia Plantation wedding photography Charleston SC

Magnolia Plantation wedding photography Charleston SCMagnolia Plantation wedding photography Charleston SC

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