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This love story resembles a tale from a novel. Ryan and Lauren have been acquainted since their earliest days. Recently, they stumbled upon a video of Ryan attending Lauren’s first birthday celebration. Can you fathom having known the love of your life for your entire existence?


Let’s rewind to the beginning. I had the privilege of capturing Ryan’s proposal on their Charleston property. Ryan had convinced Lauren that they needed to meet with the builder at 5 pm on a Friday, explaining that the builder had a daytime job as a teacher. Ryan played his part so convincingly that he almost believed it himself, but he did remember the ring that day. I concealed myself in a neighbor’s yard before their arrival and seized the moment to pop the question! Following that, we had a photo session, during which I could clearly see the deep love between Ryan and Lauren. As they delved into wedding planning, they asked me to document their wedding, which brings us to where we are now!

The wedding day was absolutely splendid! You could sense the sheer joy radiating from everyone as they shared stories about Ryan and Lauren, from their childhood to the present. It was evident how profoundly they had touched the lives of their friends and family, filling the atmosphere with pure happiness. As a Charleston wedding photographer, being a part of such intimate and emotional moments was truly special.

Brandon Allan Photography

Ryan and Lauren exchanged vows at Harborside East, with the water as a backdrop and the magnificent Ravanel Bridge completing the picture. While Charleston boasts numerous picturesque wedding locations, having the bridge in the background elevated the experience to a whole new level! Moving to the patio where the first dances were held with that same backdrop made for absolutely gorgeous photos! As a Charleston wedding photographer, capturing these moments against such a breathtaking background was an incredible experience.

The night unfolded with the dance floor becoming an absolute blast! Lauren, in particular, was a constant presence, enjoying every moment on the dance floor.

Being a small part of Ryan and Lauren’s wedding was so special to me as they were the very first couple who trusted me to book me to capture their big day! Being a Charleston wedding photographer has so many rewarding moments that make you stop and smile, and this was certainly one of them!

Brandon Allan Photography

Brandon Allan Photography


Brandon Allan Photography


More About Brandon Allan Photography

We are different than most and that’s okay. A wedding professional for the non-traditional couple is the perfect way to describe us! Are you doing something a little bit different than the tired and true wedding day? Well, you have found the right person to tell your story! 

To start off, I got rid of wedding packages. I know it sounds crazy because everyone has them and why would you do that. Heres why, I got rid of them because your wedding isn’t the same as the next couple I talk to or the previous couple whose wedding I just shot. You aren’t the same and I am not going to tell your story the same way. 

Instead I really get to know each couple in our first meeting and leading up to the wedding. I create a custom wedding experience that could be a whole weekend of coverage or it could be six hours. It truly depends on what you value! Maybe you want some stunning photos of every person in your bridal party as well. It truly is what you value and we create that experience that you will remember for the rest of your life! 

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