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A Destination Wedding for the books

Brandon Allan Photography

Okay so to start we need to go back to how the heck I booked my first destination wedding and oddly enough it started on my birthday! So a few friends got together to celebrate and I saw that another friend was singing that night at a local spot in Charleston. So after we grabbed some drinks we all piled into a friend’s truck, yes we had a DD, and headed over to see her play. One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is the connections and people you meet and those played out well as we got to skip the line to go inside! 

So we all get in and I go say hi to my friend Anna who is singing and she tells me that she has to introduce me to two of her friends that are getting married soon. So we get talking and Meghan and Tyler tell me that they are going to get married in Vegas in August and would love to talk to me about coming out! We talked more and it ended up being the day after I had a wedding in Charleston so I wasn’t sure if we could make it work, but we did! Soon after the flight was booked and the plans were set in place to fly to Vegas! 

So let’s fast forward a little bit. as we get closer to the wedding Mother Nature decided she wanted to have some fun and decided to throw a hurricane in the mix. So now all week I am watching the hurricane to see what is going to happen to see if we can even make it to Vegas. Well, Mother Nature decided to stop playing jokes and the weather cleared up for an absolutely perfect day. When you think Las Vegas in August you think HOT. It was anything but this time! T was 72 degrees when we stepped off the plane and absolutely gorgeous outside! We even landed an hour early

Side note- Two weeks later I had another wedding right after a hurricane came through with absolutely gorgeous weather and no humidity. So if you want to book your wedding during hurricane season book it with me because I have all the luck right now! 

Brandon Allan Photography

But back to Tyler and Meghan! We got to spend time getting ready leading up to the ceremony with them and capturing everything that makes them who they are! Its funny my favorite couples to shoot with are the ones who tell me right at the start “I am awkward, tell me what to do with my hands” or some version of that. I promise by the end of our time they were no longer saying that and their love shined through! 

The first look was in a gorgeous gazebo at the Flamingo Hotel! It truly was so beautiful! If you have seen my work you know that I love the greenery and the golden hour lighting and this was just the perfect background for a ceremony! Surrounded by so many family and friends Tyler and Meghan walked down the aisle together screaming in pure happiness as they did it! 

After the ceremony and family photos, we went back to do some couples portraits and when I tell you they crushed it, I mean it! Meghan had two dress changes and we had so much fun! Before we went to the reception we took pictures in the elevators as the doors closed and had such a fun time! But a hint when taking these photos, make sure they hit the button to open the doors back up… We forgot one time and away they went to pick up some unsuspecting passengers. The elevator doors opened and we became Poporrazi only to find out there were other people in the back of the elevator with them! They were laughing so hard and felt like it was their celebrity moment! 

So heres the thing, a destination wedding isn’t for everyone and I am not the right photographer for everyone. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit together but when you find the right people you can truly make magic happen! A big thank you to Tyler and Meghan for letting me capture your special day! And to all those non-traditional couples who are looking for your photographer, let’s chat! 


Brandon Allan PhotographyBrandon Allan Photography

Brandon Allan Photography